Facebook ads are so popular today and are growing in popularity. The problem is that so many people don’t know how to do them effectively. This leads to wasting a lot of money on ads that don’t bring in many leads and don’t result in many sales, if any.

A big reason that so many people aren’t seeing the results that they want to be seeing with Facebook ads is they aren’t thinking about their ads from the right perspective. Many Facebook marketers running ads think from the perspective of the company, product creator or ads creator.

This is to say that think if they just put an offer for a good product in front of someone than they will of course want to buy or at least learn more. The reason this is problematic is people aren't going on Facebook to look for products or to see ads. If anything since people are so use to seeing ads on Facebook and all over the web they are going out of their way to avoid your ad.

They do this the same way people tune out when TV commercials come on or they change the channel. If the show is recorded and they have the option they often will fast forward through the ads if possible. To most people ads are annoying and intrusive and take them away from what they really want to be doing, which is to be entertained, educated or both.

Yes, they want to be entertained. That’s why they watch TV and that’s why they are on Facebook. They want to see a funny or informative video or post from one of their friends that is interesting. They want to check in and find old contacts and some want to stalk their ex but we won’t go into that.

What they don’t want to do is pay attention to anything that isn’t entertaining.

What do this mean for marketers?

Well, it means you have to figure out how to get in front of people to get you ads viewed. For people to want to pay attention you have to first grab their attention and then entertain them or educate them on something they are personally interested in.

Studies of internet user activity that track where a user's eye goes while they are on a website show that people totally ignore the typical banners ad and really anything that looks like an ad.​ They have developed so called banner blindness. 

One of my favorite trainings on creating ads that grab a users attention is the 10 Minute Traffic Machine.​

This brings us to the pillars of a good ad.

Ad Placement​

Ad Placement

How often do you look at banner ads on Facebook? Be honest.

At best maybe you glanced at them but usually they never get seen and if they do they are usually quickly dismissed as a nuisance.

Instead of displaying your ads where people are expecting them, which is in the banners section on the right hand column, you want to place your ads in the newsfeed because this is really the only place that people look when they are on Facebook.

It true that placing ads in the newsfeed is nothing new but it where you want to focus you attention since this is really the only place people on Facebook give any attention to.

This is where the entertaining cat videos show up and pictures of the ex you told everyone you're no longer interested in. This is where people focus their attention so this is also where your ads should be. ​

Don't Make Your Ads Look Like An Ad​

Dont make your ad look like an ad

This strategy goes back to the days of print advertising. It worked then and it still works now and that is blending in your ads so well with the other posts that by the time people realize it's an ad you've already grabbed their attention.​

​You need to create ads that people don't immediately know are ads so they don't ignore it or put their guard up. Write your ad copy in the same manor you would if you were writing a real Facebook post for your friend.

Use the language that you would when speaking with a friend and leave out any jargon or buzzwords. Focus on being entertaining or educating that their is a solution to a problem that your target market is facing.

Unless you're selling business to business don't write the ad copy like a business, write it like a friend. People like to connect with other people not business. Use images that don't look like stock photos or like the type of image that would typically be in an ad.  

Provide More Value With Content Instead Of Capture Pages​

Content Instead of Capture Pages

After you're done creating you attention grabbing ad and moving people to the next step you want to do more than just send them to a capture page. Yes, you want to get their contact information but more than that you want to provide them with enough value that they feel you're the person who can actually help them and a capture page alone won't do that. 

You want to send them to a blog post that further illustrates your understanding of their problem and the solutions they can use to get over that problem.

After you have done this you will be seen as someone they want to stay in contact with and they will be much more likely to give you there contact information and actually look forward to your emails and future blog posts because of their experience with the post your ad led them to.

This builds more trust and credibility than sending people straight to a capture page and will make them more warm to you and more likely to buy your products because you didn't trying to sell them too soon. ​

When you go for the sale too soon people tend to put their guard up and it takes a long time to get them to put it down. Each email or future communication with you will be seen with resistance because of that first experience so don't make that mistake.

Lead Them To The Finish Line​

Lead Them To The Finish Line

Once you build trust and credibility it's really up to you to lead them where you want them to go. This is the best possible position to be in because people now believe you have the answers to the burning questions and problems that cause pain in their lives and keep them from the pleasure they seek.

This is a very powerful position to be in but don't waste it. You need to lead your prospect by the hand and take them through your entire sales process. At this point they have read your first blog post and since it helped them they want more. Now at the end of your post it's time to give them a call to action to opt-in to your email list or Facebook Messenger list in exchange for something exclusive that can further help them like a guide or cheatsheet.

They will be the most warmed up and receptive at this point and want more content from you. After they have opted into your email list and are waiting for your emails you can keep in touch with them and lead them to more and more content. This will keep them engaged with your brand and more importantly you have someone that when they see an email from you will actually look forward to opening it.

This means the sales and promotions you send them will actually be seen and since this person is already warmed up to you, you can position your products as a powerful upgrade to keep them getting the results they are looking for.  

Then you can watch the sales come in from those who buy and retarget those who don't at every step in your sales process.

This is how you make Facebook ads that are profitable and lead to sales again and again.

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