Many people want to start a business because they think it will be easier than working for someone else. Well, I can tell you that starting a business is harder and more time consuming than working for someone else. However, it's also far more rewarding. 

It takes hard work but once you start making consistent money it's such a great feeling and is so encouraging that you just want to do it again and again. However, to get to that point you have to be willing to crawl through the mud of adversity.

You have to be willing to try things and fail and still try again the next day. You have to be willing to suck at being an entrepreneur until you get good at it. You have to be willing to have your efforts show little to no results until you have one that knocks it out of the park.

You have to be willing to not quit when everything inside is screaming at you to give up. This willingness to keep going makes all the difference.

Yes, finding success can be challenging but that's actually a good thing. And one thing that can make finding success much easier is to find a good mentor.

However, if you're willing to stick it out and keep going when things get tough most of your potential competition will have quit before they figure out how to really be successful.

It's a game of last man or woman standing. And those who can persevere get the prize. So how do you persevere when all you want to do is quit?

Here are four ways to keep yourself motivated when all you want to do is throw in the towel.

​1. Ask Yourself, What If?

ask yourself what if

Ask yourself what if I’m just around the corner from success. As much as you feel like giving up that feeling is usually fueled by the belief that you will never achieve your goal.

If you knew that next month or even next week you would have a major breakthrough that would change everything would you still want to quit?

My guess is, probably not.

You would probably be able to stick it out long enough to see that result actually happen. The reason you want to quit it likely because as you look as far as you can currently see on the road of entrepreneurship you can’t yet see how you will achieve you goal.

Unfortunately the road of entrepreneurship is very windy and only allows you to see what’s right in front of you, not what's just around the next corners.

If you’ve gone around corner after corner hoping this one will be your breakthrough without success after a while it becomes discouraging and you feel like the next few corners will only be more of the same.

Instead of believing it will be more of the same choose to believe it might be the breakthrough you’ve been looking for and run toward it as fast as you can.

The truth is you don't know if it will be more of the same or a breakthrough so if you have to proceed based on an assumptions you might as well make the assumption that will serve you best, which is assuming it will be your next breakthrough. 

2. Break Your Journey Up Into Bite Size Pieces

break you journey up

If you find yourself wanting to be at the finish line of your entrepreneurial journey and seeing that as your next goal you might be setting yourself up for disappointment.

If you’re not making much money right now and you want to start making whatever income level you imaged you would have before you launched this business that shouldn’t be the most immediate goal you’re focused on. You should have that as your long term goal but you need to have much smaller easier to accomplish goals to keep you energized along the way.

If you don’t you’ll miss out on a lot of opportunity to put fuel in your tank that you need to reach the finish line. Not having these small goals would be like expecting to drive 500 miles in your car without stopping for gas. 

I don’t know what type of car you drive but I’ve never owned one that you keep going that long without refueling and you are no different.

I have found that it can be hard to figure a lot of this out without guidance. Look at what other success entrepreneurs are doing to get ideas or join a community of entrepreneurs trying to do something similar.  

3. Find A Reason For Success Beyond Money​

Find a reason for success beyond money

I know a lot of people want to be in business because they want to make a good amount of money. Maybe this is you too. The thing is you need to find a reason for success beyond money.

That doesn't mean you can't want to be success and have money but in reality even those who say they want money actually want something beyond money. They want what the money can do for them. Not the money itself.

Me personally I like the freedom of choice that comes with having money. The ability to buy what I want because I like it and not have to limit myself or my family to what I can afford. I like being able to pay for conveniences such as eating out at a nice restaurant or room service in a nice hotel or a nice hotel to begin with.

The freedom of these choices gives me more emotional energy to spend on decisions that really matter. Instead of spending hours trying to find a deal on a flight I can spend that time doing something worthwhile and memorable like playing a game with my son or watching the sunset with my wife.

You only have but so much time and so much energy. Money allows you to have more choices so you can leverage your time and energy doing the things you care about and outsource the rest.

What this all means is you need to figure out what having or wanting more money means to you and focus on the deeper meaning instead of the money itself. You will find that you will grow tired of just chasing money but you won’t grow tired of chasing that deeper reason once you identify what it is and focus on it.

4. Dig Deep To Find What Motivates You

Dig Deep to find

Maybe you don't care about money but are driven by accomplishments and personal growth. Whatever it is it's important to dig a level deeper and say why does this really matter to me and what do I think having it will do for me.

When you have the answer to that question you can use it to motivate yourself to keep going when things get tough and you want to quit. When things aren't going well it can seem like they will never turn around but all you have to do is figure out what those who are success are doing differently than you and change your approach to mirror what the successful have already figured out.

Then you have to get yourself stocked with enough fuel to make it to the finish line. Most of the time the successful aren't better or smarter than you. They often are just more persistent and found a treasure map that you haven't found yet. Once you find the map too and learn how to properly walk the path you will be successful too.

Stay positive. Be persistent. Those are the rules of the game.

And remember that this being hard will ultimately lead to much of your competition quitting by the time you figure out what really works and you can reap a much larger slice of the rewards.

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