Most people who have thought about trying internet marketing or have tried and struggled have heard about traffic strategies such as content marketing.

Content Marketing 101

For those who aren’t familiar with that term, content marketing is when you create helpful content via a blog post, a YouTube video, a podcast episode or really any other type of content where you are sharing valuable information on a topic that your audience is intereted in.

The idea is to show people you’re knowledgeable about your chosen profession and that you can help them by providing them with helpful tips through your free content so they want to come back to your site again and again for more.

Once you get them to your content you can request that they subscribe to your email list, YouTube Channel or Podcast so they can get notified of your new content whenever it comes out.

Why All Paths Should Lead to Your Blog

The number one goal however should be to get them back to your website so you can get them onto your email list.

Even if you’re focused on building an audience through Podcasting or YouTube videos you want to eventually get that person back to your website because that is where you can get them on your email list.


Because you don’t own YouTube or the platform that is distributing your podcast, such as iTunes.

If YouTube or iTunes decide to change the way they handles podcasts or videos, respectively, an it negatively effects your show and traffic there is nothing you can do about it.

However, if you have your own blog you can control what happens on that site and no one can take that away from you.

Traffic, Traffic and more Traffic

Now you might be thinking “what about Google updates that have killed the traffic on many blogs over the years?”

It true that search engines like Google play a major role in the content marketing strategy.

As you put out more and more content you want the search engines like Google to pick up on that and put your content high up on the results of the search results page so when people search for the type of topics you put out content about, Google shows them your content, which gives you more traffic.

However, if you build out your content marketing strategy the right way you won’t be dependent on search engines for traffic.

As much as you don’t want to depend 100% on a distribution platform such as YouTube or iTunes, you also don’t want to be dependent on a search engine such as Google, which again you don’t control, for traffic.

A complete traffic strategy should consist of both free traffic such as search engine traffic and paid traffic such as through Facebook or Google Ads.

Paid traffic is something you have more control over but as i mentioned earlier you still don’t own the paid traffic platforms which can change how they do business at any moment and disrupt your business.

Of course you want to utilized the amazing power of these create platforms while you can. They will just be icing on the cake but not your whole cake.

The Power of Having You Own Platform

This is exactly why getting people back to your blog and building your email list is so important.

You can build your email list by getting people to your blog and requesting that they join your list in exchange for something that is valuable to them such as a free report, a guide or a video mini course.

This thing of value that you are giving them in exchange for their email address is called a lead magnet and it’s essential to the email listing building process. It’s the reason or ethical bribe to entice people to give you their email address.

Without a good lead magnet, getting people to sign up for your email list will be a real uphill battle. But creating an epic lead magnet is totally worth it and not that difficult if you know the right steps.

Once you get them on your email list you’re no longer dependent on other platforms to get in touch with them so you want to make this a priority.

If you have them on your email list and Google kills all your traffic you still have a loyal following that not only will come to your blog again and again on their own for your great content but you will be able to reach out to them directly through email to share some awesome new post or video you just put up that they would love.

Plus, as many of you have heard, the money is in the email list.

The Power of an Email LIst

The reason for that is you can reach out to your audience directly anytime you want and also let them know about the products or services you provide or promote and how it’s perfect for them.

If all paths lead back to your blog and your blog is setup with a good lead magnet to capture the email addresses of your followers and visitors, as you steadily build your email list you will be able to weather any storm that comes as a result of change in a traffic platform or in a content distribution channel you don’t own.

At the end of the day all this marketing is all about getting your product or service to you ideal customer and your content marketing helps you build up traffic and authority with your target audience. If all your content marketing and paid advertising strategies ultimately lead prospects back to your blog you have the greatest chance of success.

Follow up Until They Buy

You can consistently follow up with them through email and learn more about your target audience through asking them questions and sending occasion surveys to understand what drives their buying decision and what they are looking for that is missing in the marketplace.

You will find that most of the money made online will be directly from your email list and from consistent follow up with those who may have come into your world through another channel but you follow up with them through email until they buy.

Then once they buy you never let them go because it’s easier to get an existing customer to buy something else than to get a new prospect to buy an initial item unless that customer had a really bad experience with your product or service.

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