Live Streaming to Engage Your Audience

Live streaming

If you have a business or desire to start one you are missing the boat if you are not promoting yourself, your brand and your products through social media.

Social media has become the main source of information for many people. Whether it be news, sports, keeping up with an industry or just keeping up with the Kardashians, it all on social media.

Large companies have gotten smart and realized that they can use social media to engage their audience and promote their products. You can also promote your business through social media and one of the most powerful ways to do so is through video.

Why Live Streaming is So Powerful

Many people have a YouTube channels and are using it to Vlog and promote their brand, their products and other people’s products.

As great is recorded video is there is just something special about watching someone live that makes people feel even more connected.

Just think about whenever a big TV show wants to have a special episode. They often will go live to connect with the audience because people know this is the real thing, unedited.

Well, as close to real as you’re gonna get at least minus the script and actors and all…

The News and Saturday Night Live aren’t live by mistake. It a selling point to viewers and they are cashing in on it.

Live is where you want to be and many people are promoting their brands using live streams and now that process is even easier with the currently available lineup of live stream platforms.

I personally prefer to use Facebook Live but Periscope and the other available live stream platforms are great options too and I know a lot of people crushing it with them.

The point is to get yourself making live video and do it now.

It’s So Convenient

Most live stream platform live in the device you have with you at all times

…your smartphone.

We’re all obsessed with our smartphones and so are our audiences.

Your followers have the ability to watch and engage from virtually anywhere and show you love by commenting and liking the content you provide during your live stream.

They can also share your live stream to their friends and followers to spread the word of anything amazing you might be sharing.


Another great feature is the ability to save the live stream so your followers can view it later if they missed it. Next to a live stream, the second best thing is to watch a recording of a live stream.

Your audience will still feels connected to you because although they can’t comment and receive a live answer they know what you posted is the real you, unedited.

The real you is the key.

People sometimes want to see you in the rawest form possible and want to feel like they know you.

Going live provides a piece of that to your loyal followers.

How to Best Use Live Streaming

You might now be asking yourself, “what exactly you will say or do during a live stream?” “How is this going to help my business and how should you go about it?”

This is an opportunity for you to show a side of yourself that maybe your viewers haven’t seen.

You could discuss topics such as what you have been struggling with and how you have overcome those struggles. Think of what your audience might be struggling with too and how you can relate to them by sharing your own story.

Live streaming is also a great venue for showcasing product launches. Webinars have been the main tool most online entrepreneurs have been using for product launches and promotion but I can see that being replaced by live streams.

You can also show behind the scene of your business. If you have blog show what you writing and publish process is like.

If you have a podcast or already record video interview you could live stream the recording and editing so your get a more intimate look at your business. People love that stuff and it makes them feel like they really know you.

Not only can you engage with your audience live but they get to see you as well as hear you in real time and that additional piece makes all the difference.

Your Live Streaming Game Plan

You want to have a plan with your live stream and also make it short and sweet so people don’t get bored.

You can share a behind the scene look at your life and your business. People love to get a glimpse into the world of the person they are following on social media.

You can also do special promotions for a select group of members or do a live contest to promote engagement and get your audience excited about you live stream.

People are always asking themselves “what’s in it for me” so give them a good answer. Live streams are a great way to do a Q&A sessions and answer all those burning questions your followers have been dying to ask you.

If you have a YouTube channel you can kill two birds with one stone.

The next time you are planning a YouTube recording session for your audience, whether it be a Q&A session, product description, tutorial or anything you would typically post to YouTube, just live stream while you’re recording it.

Then once you have done that work you repurpose that live stream and upload the recording to your YouTube channel as a new episode.

This way you have satisfied that need for your audience to connect with you live and have also created the next piece of content for your existing YouTube channel.

If you want to make sure you nail it with your video content you can get a free copy of The Simple Video Script Formula by Elite Marketing Pro.

Cheers and Happy Marketing,