Since you’re reading this I assume you’re either already doing content marketing or someone considering content marketing.

Maybe you’ve been creating content and wondering if you should continue. Maybe you haven’t started yet but you’re wondering if it’s even worth you time to start.

The answer is, YES!

Not only is content marketing worth your time, if you have a business or are trying to start a business and aren’t creating content you’re setting yourself up for failure.

I know that sounds harsh but it’s the reality in this world of extreme information consumption.

People are no longer willing to work with a businesses without first understanding who they will be working with better.

They will Google you and your business and see what you have put out as far as content to get to know you better and help decide if they want to give you their hard earned money.

Don’t get me wrong. If you’re looking to scale your business fast then paid advertising is the way yo go. That’s why I focus on Facebook Ads in my business. However you need a long and short term strategy and content marketing needs to be a big part of your long term strategy.

People Want to Work with Other People They Can relate to.

Although creating content is so important to your business, most business aren’t doing it or at least aren’t doing it very well.

The big brands are the worst because they often think they don’t need to since they are already well known.

This is a mistake because people nowadays like a more personal touch. They don’t want to work with a big corporate behemoth.

They want to work with an individual and connect with real people.

Some major brands have recognized this and adopted this into their marketing.

A good example is Progressive Insurance with its introduction of the help down to earth insurance sale woman, Flo.

You can relate to Flo and can imagine what it would be like to work with someone like her when you’re thinking about doing business with a company such as Progressive.

Similarly, in your content you want to connect with people.  Not business to person but person to person. People like working with other people more than they like working with businesses.

It’s Easy To Do

In addition to that content marketing has never been easier or more accessible. In the past you had to get an article into a print magazine or newspaper that is distributed to your target market or send them a direct mailer to get in front of them.

Maybe you could have been featured on a radio or television show but that was even harder and still is. The internet leveled the playing field and made it possible for anyone to get in front of an audience.

This is good because you now have direct access to your target audience. It also bad because so does everyone else.

That means it’s extremely convenience because you don’t even have to leave your house to do it. You can pump out content in your pajamas if you want.

But because of this convenience people expect to see content from those they see as leaders in an industry and if you have no or little content it will be hard to establish yourself as the go to person for your audience.

How to Not Suck at Content Marketing

Now that we have been through why you need content marketing let’s talk about how to do it and not suck at it.

Most content creators unfortunately aren’t good at creating content.

This happens for one of three reasons and sometimes for all three.

  1. Many instead of creating quality content focus on throwing up content that just isn’t worth consuming.
  2. Others don’t put out content consistently enough for anyone to want to follow them and consume their new piece of content.
  3. Some put no time and effort into actually letting people know their content exists.

I’ll dig into each of these a little deeper.

content marketing

Content that is worth consuming is content that actually helps your audience solve a problem or answer a question that they have.

They key word in that previous sentence is that “they” have.

This means you have to figure out what your audience’s problem’s are and what questions they are searching for answers to.

To often people create content that is focused on what they want to say instead of what their audience actually wants to hear.

Sometimes these can be one in the same but if you’re only focusing on what you want to say, your audience will quickly become disinterested and start to look elsewhere.

Don’t Over Pitch

You also don’t want to fill your content with just one product pitch after another.

We have all been in presentations where we came to get answers to a specific question and instead of receiving that promised answer we just received pitch after pitch for the presenters products.

There is nothing wrong with pitching your products and you certainly should pitch them but at the right time and in the right place.

Sprinkling in a pitch after every other word in your content is not the right time.

Before creating any piece of content ask yourself who it’s being created for, what that person wants and how your content will help them get what they want.

If you can successfully answer these questions you’re on the right track to creating content that people will want to consume.


content marketing

The blog graveyard is huge and grows more and more every day. People hear that they need to create content so they do.

Since it takes very little time and work to create a blog many people do it and many people give up on their projects shortly after launch.

Sometimes this is because they have unrealistic expectations of getting rich off of their blog in a matter of months like someone they read about on social media or they thought it would be more fun than it is and they just lost interest.

In order to build a following for your content it has to be put out on a consistent basis and for a long period of time.

If your going to start creating content you need to produce it on a consistent basis for at least six months to a year before you start judging if it’s worth it.

It can take that long to find your voice as a writer, build a following and see results that you can measure.

Nothing turns content consumers away faster than outdated information.

If you’re creating evergreen content that will be as relevant a year from now as it was the day you created it than you have an advantage over those creating more timely, news like content.

Either way your audience not only wants to see that you have put out content in the past but that you’re actively putting out content today as well.

Have a Regular Schedule

They want to know that their is more to come from you in the near future and preferably on a regular basis.

The content creators who tend to do the best are the ones who don’t stop putting out new content and have a consistent schedule for putting it out so their audience knows when they should come back for the next words of wisdom.

Think of it this way. If you have a favorite TV show that comes on every Tuesday night, you know that after this week’s episode another will be available next week.

This gives you something to look forward to.

Some people plan their entire days around what TV shows that want to watch. Other like me don’t watch live TV but prefer to watch on the demand.

If you were to come back week after week to watch a TV show only to see no new episodes being released after a while you would give up and stop looking and anticipating it.

The same thing happens with you online content. Your consistency keeps your audience engaged and waiting for what you have to say next.


content marketing

Ever try to fly a kite when there was no wind.

It sucks, right?

You might run back and forth hoping to get it up in the air and to stay there but it just doesn’t work.

Putting out content without promoting it is like trying to fly a kite while sitting in a hammock on the most windless day of the year.

When you hit publish on that content it goes up into the interwebs but no one knows it’s there unless you tell them.

A big reason people give up on content creation is because no one is consuming their content.

But people can’t consume what they don’t know exists and they won’t know your content exists unless you tell them it does.  

SEO Isn’t Dead

I’m a big fan of using both paid and free traffic methods to promote content. SEO is great and necessary but if you don’t do it proactively it really won’t help you much.

Finding the right keywords to use is part of it but building relationships with other content creators is most effective.

If you’re guest posting on other people’s blogs and doing guest appearances on other people’s YouTube Channel’s or Podcast’s with links going back to your content this is a great way for a lot of people to learn about who you are and what your content is all about.

If you can get featured in a major publication that is the best because it tells the search engines that you are an authority worth hearing about since others seen as an authority are linking to your content.

Getting those backlinks is critical but there is another effective strategy, which is using paid advertising.

If you’re not yet making money from your business this is a hard one for some to swallow because money is going out without other money coming in.

But this content promotion strategy will bring you visitors who will over time get to know, like and trust you and eventually want to become a customer.

Paid Advertising Benefits

Using Facebook Ads or whatever type of paid advertising you prefer is a great way to get in front of people who you normally would have no connection to.

You can target specific markets and audiences based on the most specific demographics and psycho-graphics and create an ad that will bring you the website visitors you may be struggling to get using other strategies.

All in all content marketing is key to the success of any business and if done right can bring you the customers you desire and position you as the go to person for your field.

You then become the leader they want to follow and as a result the person they want to buy from.

Cheers and Happy Marketing,


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