You’re a business owner and you want more leads and more customers walking in your doors ready to buy. Maybe you’ve tried advertising before with little to no results.

Even if you get people coming in your doors it hard to track what actually brought them in especially if your advertising using multiple methods.

Was it your billboard or print ad?

Was it a referral or word of mouth?

Of course you could poll your customers whenever they come in but that takes time and they might not even give you an accurate response if they give you one at all.

Facebook to the Rescue

facebook ads

If you haven’t run Facebook Ads or haven’t run them profitably you might be thinking what’s the big deal. But I’m here to tell you Facebook marketing is a game changer compared to traditional advertising and compared to services such as Groupon.

It’s a game changer because everyone is on Facebook. It’s also a game changer because Facebook does an awesome job of getting its users to provide lots and lots of personal information.

  • Where they live.
  • Who they work for.
  • What their interests are.
  • What their likes and dislikes are.
  • Who they’re friends with.
  • Their relationship status and who they’re in a relationship with.

On and on and on.

And in addition to this Facebook buys more data from other companies so they can get as complete as picture of their users as possible. Facebook collects all this data so they can allow those who advertise on their platform to find their ideal client.

Want to send Ads just to Moms who live in Grand Rapids, Michigan, who own a dog and like Little League Baseball. Done! Men in their 40’s, who have back problems and live in Los Angeles. No problem.

And these aren’t guesses or targets based on demographic assumptions like is often used in other types of advertising. These people have raised their hands and each said they fit into this group by completing Facebook’s profile questions and liking certain pages and events on Facebook. As a result Facebook can only shows your ad to these targeted people.

This means you can get laser targeted ads and don’t waste time and money advertising to people who will never be interested in your product or service.

The Problem with Traditional Advertising

facebook ads

With print ads, tv ads, and radio ads your just throwing a hand full of darts at a board hoping at least one will hit your target. Although the ad platform may have an idea of who their typical listener, reader or viewer is, there is no guarantee that the people you are targeting will be listening, viewing or reading when your ad shows up.

At best if you’re advertising only on local radio shows, tv shows or in local newspapers or magazines you’re only targeting based on location and you still can’t be sure if the listener, viewer or reader actually lives in that location instead just visiting.

In that situation you’re paying to advertise to a lot of people, most of which will never be interested in your product or service, with the hope that someone in your actual target market gets hit with your ad in the cross fire.

The Problem with Groupon

facebook ads vs groupon

The issues with Groupon are the same. Your ad is being shown to people based on location but you can’t narrow that target group down into people who actually have the problem you’re looking to solve. You’re hoping your target is actually a Groupon user. Then that they will be searching for the offer that you put out. Then that they will select your offer once it’s presented along side a lot of other similar competing offers for the same thing.

However, the real problem with Groupon is even bigger. You’re not only not targeting potential customers by anything other than location but you are targeting people who are specifically looking for a discount.

Like it or not this often means they aren’t usually interested in ever paying full price and will just go from one discount deal to the next. This not only gives you a target that is less than ideal it also gives you a much more narrow group of people who are only bargain hunters.

Why Facebook is a Better Option

facebook ads

With Facebook people aren’t on there to look for deals. They are on there to be entertained. If an interesting offer comes across their screen they will check it out and actually be enticed by the deal they weren’t necessarily looking for or expecting.

Also, everyone is on Facebook. Facebook has over 2 billion monthly users. 2 billion. There are only 7.5 billion people in the world. There’s a great chance most people you’re targeting are on Facebook and certainly a much higher chance than that they listen to a particular local radio station or read a local newspaper or magazine.

Chances that they are on Facebook are also far better than that they are on Groupon.

Metrics and Monitoring

facebook ads

Facebook tracks everything your customer does for you. It tracks how many people saw your ad, how many people clicked on your ad, how many actually purchased and what it cost you at each point along the way.

This means you can see if people are seeing your ad and passing on it or after they read the offer decided to pass so you can narrow down what isn’t working in your ad and fix it. It also tracks the people who saw your ad but didn’t buy, the people who visit your website and the people on your email list so you can send ads specific to them giving them a second chance to buy after they have become more familiar with your brand.

If you buy a radio, tv or print ad you have no idea how effective it is unless you add another layer to your advertising and survey your customers when they come in to figure out what brought them in the door. Then it’s hard to know what part of the ad isn’t working and what to change to make it better if you’re not seeing the result you expected. Additionally, if you want to know how much each of your leads cost and how much each customer cost you have to do that tracking and math on your own.

Wrap Up

If you’re in love with traditional advertising or Groupon I’m not saying not to use them at all. But I am saying that Facebook is a better option when it comes to targeting and reaching your potential ideal client, tracking metrics so you know what’s working and what’s not with your ad campaign. If you’re going to continue with traditional advertising you should definitely at least ad Facebook ads to your marketing plan. If you haven’t run Facebook ads before and want to learn how to get the most of out your ads Tim Erway from Elite Marketing Pro has a free training on how to profit with Facebook ads called the 10 Minute Traffic Machine. This link will give you free access to the training.

Cheers and Happy Marketing,


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